My name is Tazmu and I am shih-tzu. I love my lady from the bottom of my heart. In the morning I gently lick her ear and cheek, so that she knows she’s the only one for me.  She scratches me softly back and I like that.

We go together to toilet. I’ll  sit and wait until she is ready and make sure that she is fine where ever she goes. When she has brushed her beautiful teeth she is ready to go out. I sit nicely and wait for her to put the harness on me. I love her so much. I’m so proud to take her out, my tail is up and my nose is high. We walk around the city and I sniff a little bushes too but mostly I want people to see how lovely lady I have.

When we come home, I’ll take a tiny nap. But I want to nap close to my sweet lady. I feel so ill if I have to nap more than 10 cm away from her. She is my life and I love her. If she works with her computer I lie on close her feet. Sometimes I lick just a little bit, cause I love her so. I love when she take me on her lap and cuddles me. She is my lovely lady. I often glanced at her, just to make sure she is near me.

We go together everywhere. She knows I feel bad alone. However sometimes she needs to go to mall and then I sit in the car and wait faithfully when she’s done  her shopping. I can’t understand why dogs are not aloud to the mall. All I want is, is to be near her.

I’m never too tired just to look at her with my big brown eyes. She smiles to me. She washes me almost every week with soft shampoo. I like her touch but I don’t like to be wet. But I understand that she loves when I smell good.  I’ll do everything for her.

In the evening I follow her to toilet when she brushes her teeth again. Every evening I jump to her bed, close to her. I lick her goodnight, she pets me before she sleeps. I create a last glance of her and fall asleep. I have to lick her few times during the night, so that she feels safe and loved.

I am always happy with her, where ever she goes and whatever she does. If sometimes I must stay home, she gives me nice juicy bone in return. I love her. I wait behind the door until she comes back.

*   *   *

My loving dog Tazmu the shih-tzu would say all that if he could speak. Nobody has ever loved me so much than he had, not even my husband and he too loves me very much. This little dog is just amazing. He has love for everybody, he is gently, kind, tender and brings happiness where ever he goes.

Every women should have a relationship like this. You really feel loved and important, even it’s just a dog. Shih-tzus are the most kindest dogs. Everyone who ever meet one, smiles with me now. Thank god for him!